York County Advanced Technical Rescue

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Trench Rescue -Two Trapped

Newberry Township, PA

Story: See Incident Log

The York County ATR expresses our condolences to the families involved in the work site tragedy.? We also wish to thank all of the technical rescue personnel from York and surrounding counties as well as support services from York County, Red Cross, Rabbit Transit, Kinsley construction and multiple Fire, Rescue and EMS agencies and the countless others who assisted with the operation.




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The York County ATR Team was formed in the mid 1990's to begin a structured approach to technical rescues in York County Pennsylvania. The team is comprised of four companies: Hanover Fire Department, Dover Township Fire Company, Yoe Fire Company , and Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Company.

?The York County ATR Team trains yearly in the following disciplines:

? Building Collapse

? Confined Space Rescue

? Trench Rescue

? Rope and High Angle Rescue

? Water Rescue (Swift and Flood)

? Surface Ice Rescue (Single and Multiple Patient)

When the team is dispatched, trained personnel on apparatus from each of the departments proceed to the emergency. The first arriving ATR unit will report to the Incident Commander and begin our interface with the personnel on location.?We work hand-in-hand with on scene personnel to complete the technical rescue. The ATR team has a duty officer assigned,?rotating each quarter between the member stations. The Duty Officer coordinates personnel and equipment resources en-route to an incident and is the direct link between the team and the Command Staff. This officer functions as part of the IMT and provides technical expertise to the IC throughout the rescue incident.

The team is an all volunteer organization receiving funding for operations, training and equipment largely by each of the four member stations. Our annual fundraiser, Trench Weekend, helps with our?expenses and supplements equipment purchases for the team.?The York County ATR Team is a local county resource within the USAR structure responding to incidents with other local USAR elements in a multi-county response area in the Pennsylvania South Central Region.

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