Yoe Responds to Many Calls Related to Flood of 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011 By Firefighter Chuck Strouse
  As rains from Tropical Storm Lee pounded the area with rainfall amounts not seen since 1972. Yoe firefighters respnded to many calls for assistance. Starting at 9:30 on 9/7/11 the station was manned with several crews straight through until 2AM on 9/9/11. Some members were there for up to 42 hours straight. Call totals for those 42 hours:

24 - Water Rescue Calls (ATR)
1 - Structure Collapse Call (ATR)
2 - Fire Police Calls
2 - Automatic Fire Alarms
68 - Public Service Calls (Pump Basements)

Total 97 Calls in 42 Hours.