Yoe Fire Company Hosts Sportsman Raffle
Yoe Fire Company

Yoe Fire Company Hosts Sportsman Raffle


Saturday, June 16, 2012 On Saturday June 16th Yoe Fire Company hosted the 1st annual Sportsman Raffle at Yoe Park. A great time was had by all who attended. Yoe Fire Company would like to Thank You for supporting us and the event. Prize winners are as Follows :

Mark C. Zecmer                 Mike Hein                         Don Wilson

Jarod Latchaw                   Mike Kile                           Heather Strickler

Dan Kile                             Greg Adams                     Bob Harbold

Andrew Frazier                   Larry Less                        Kristen Cooper

Charlie Pearson                  Mike KcCleary                 Greg Williams

Scott Vasellas                     Josh Latchaw                  Lester Albright II

Kevin Weaver                      Irene Boyer                     Matt Shields