Yoe Fire Company

Chimney Fire In York Township

Sunday, January 12, 2014  At 1454hrs Stations 36, 35, 34, and 19 were dispatched for a chimney fire on Meadow Cross Way in York Township.  Crews arrived and confirmed there was a fire in the chimney.  The truck companies of 34 and 19 made their way to the roof while the engine companies of 36 and 35 worked the interior.  The fire box was cleaned out and a chain along with a couple of chimney flares were needed to extinguish the fire in the flue.  Companies returned to service around an hour after initial dispatch.



Gas Leak in York Township

Thursday, January 9, 2014  At 0917hrs Station 36 was dispatched to Box 19-02 for an odor of gas inside.  Tanker 36 responded and upon arriving on scene the crew assisted Engines from 19 and 35 as well as Truck 19 with atmosphere monitoring and ventilation.  An active Carbon Monoxide situation was discovered.  Engine 19's crew secured a furnace that was malfunctioning.  The box was placed in-service a short time later. 



Well Involved House Fire In York Township

Thursday, January 9, 2014  At 0250hrs Station 36 was alerted for Tanker 36 to respond in York Township for a reported chimney fire.  Captain 36 arrived to find heavy smoke coming from Side A and on the 360, heavy fire from Side C.  Engines from 89 and 19 arrived followed by Tanker 36.  Supply lines were laid and attack lines were stretched to the residence.  A short time after arrival a working fire assignment was transmitted and the decision was made to go defensive due to the fire load and the collapse of the first floor.  Rescue 36 arrived and the crew assisted with fire suppression.  Truck 34 threw ladders on all sides and assisted with ventilation.  Crews returned to service at 0734hrs.       



Structure Fire in York Township

Sunday, January 5, 2014  At 2152hrs Station 36, Engine 35-1, Engine and Truck 34, and Truck 19 were dispatched for smoke in a structure on North Walnut St. in York Township.  Units arrived and found heavy black smoke coming from the basement of the structure.  Two lines were advanced and crews found a dryer that was on fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished and a check for extension was completed.  None was found.  The struture was ventilated.  The box was placed in-service at 2302hrs.



Multiple Calls Due To Ice Storm

Sunday, January 5, 2014  Station 36 responded to multiple calls throughout the day due to Freezing Rain which caused roads to be covered wtih ice.  Calls included Fire Police and Vehicle Accidents in both Windsor and York Townships.



Vehicle Accident In York Township

Friday, January 3, 2014  Rescue 36 was dispatched at 1419hrs for a vehicle accident with injuries at the intersection of Springwood Rd. and Camp Betty Washington Rd.  Rescue 36 personnel assisted with patient care and securing the vehicles.  Traffice was also directed around the scene.  Rescue 36 went in-service at 1458hrs.



First Call of 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014  At 1347hrs Rescue 36 was dispatched to the first call of the year in 2014.  The call was a vehicle accident with unknown injuries at the intersection of Rt. 24 and Lombard Rd.  Rescue 36 arrived to a two vehicle accident blocking the intersection.  There were no injuries.  The crew secured the vehicles and cleaned up debris from the roadway.  Fire Police directed traffic around the scene.  The box was placed in-service at 1446hrs.



Happy New Year From Station 36

Wednesday, January 1, 2014  The members of Station 36 would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Your continued support of us in all aspects of what we do continues to be outstanding.  We sincerely appreciate it and will continue to "Strive to Save" in the year 2014.



Structure Fire in Windsor Township

Monday, December 9, 2013  At 0521hrs on December 9th, Station 36 units were dispatched for a report of smoke in a structure. Tanker 36 arrived and conducted an initial investigation finding that a fire had extended from a fireplace to the adjoining exterior wall. Crews opened the wall and extinguished the fire quickly, preventing further extension. Crews also conducted extensive overhaul to expose any potential extension.



Small Woods Fire In York Twp

Monday, November 25, 2013  Shortly after returning from the grease fire in Windsor Twp, Attack 36 was dispatched along with Station 19 for a woods fire in York Township.  Chief 19 arrived and found approximately a 50 by 50 section of brush and woods on fire.  Attack 36 assisted Engine 19-1's crew with extinguishing the fire and Tanker 36 supplied the Engine.  All units returned to service a short time later.  This was the third call of the day for Station 36 members.



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